West Sayville (Long Island)
Suffolk County New York


The US Naval Sea Cadet Corps is forming a new Naval Sea Cadet unit on Long Island. The Lt. Michael Murphy Division will be located at the Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville.

The NSCC and NLCC (Navy League Cadet Corps) offers a nautically oriented training program for young Americans, ages 10 through 17. The program allows young people to sample military life with no obligation to join any branch of the armed forces. Through organization and cooperation with the Navy Coast Guard, and Marine Corps to encourage and aid American youth to develop an interest and skill in basic seamanship and in its naval adaptations, to train them in seagoing skills, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues" in a drug-, gang- and alcohol free lifestyle.

The NSCC is represented by over 375 units nationwide. The Long Island, NYC and northern New Jersey fall within the operational control of Region 3-4, USNSCC, which is working with the West Sayville American Ligion, Suffolk Count, the Long Island Maritime Museum and the Murphy family to make the formation of the LT Michael Murphy division come to fruition.


Region 3-4, USNSCC currently has two units on Long Island and has plans for additional units on Long Island and the NYC Boroughs. "The LT Michael Murphy Division is the first new NSCC unit to be formed on Long Island in many years and with the growing popularity of the Corps on Long Island, now is the time and this is the place for this particular unit" said the Regional Director: LCDR Forrest Woodward. "This is where Michael Murphy grew up and this is the right place for a unit to carry his name. We are well on our way to standing up the unit, we have received a green light from the Suffolk County Parks Commissioner: Greg Dawson and the County legal department as well as the Mr. Stephen Jones, the Executive Director for the Long Island Maritime Museum. We have the support of Dan & Maureen Murphy and the Commanding Officer of the USS Michael Murphy DDG 112 has agreed to co-sponsor the unit in conjunction with the West Sayville American Ligion, Post 651, led by Commander Gary Vertichio."

For those interested in being a part of this unit, you can check this website frequently for information and current status of the formation process. You can also contact Gary at 631-831-1421. Once the unit is stood up, Sea Cadets currently enrolled in units in Farmingdale and Northport will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Sayville unit. the transfer of current cadets will give a real kick-start to the LT Michael Murphy Division.

We are also seeking some dedicated adults to enroll in the NSCC as Instructors who will become officers who will take this unique unit into the future. Applications are now being accepted.

Status and Accomplishments as of 05 May 12
12 May Haven't heard anything back from the County but durig the Trustees' dinner Suffolk County Parks Commissioner assured me that he is in favor of the new unit being a part of the LIMM.
We attended the Annual LI Maritime Trustees' dinner on 25 Apr during which the formation of the unit at LIMM was formally recognized and contrabutiions were made to help get the unit up and running.
On 23 Apr we met with Suffolk County at the LIMM to discuss final details and iron out issues for a formal agreement btwn the County and NSCC via Regional Director.
On 22 Apr I met with potential instructors and adult staff. Received obligations from several adults to assist in formation of the unit either as Instructors/Officers or consultants. We recieved an obligation from BRIAN MASTRANGELO, a Suffolk County Police Officer and Chief Petty Officer in the US Coast Guard Reserve to step into the Executive Officer's position.
Status and Accomplishments as of 05 Apr 12

Setting a new NSCC unit into operation from the ground up is always a daunting effort for everyone involved. In this case, we have some bureaucratic walls thrown up in front of us that we have had to deal with. Clearly, the easy route might have been to establish as unit in some meeting hall or school and the process would have been somewhat effortless; however, we took the hard road on this one seeking to establish this particular unit at a public museum that, as with any State, County or City controlled bureaucracy, is a challenging and deliberate process.


This whole process began on January 26 when I attended the presentation of the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award ceremony to LT Murphy, his family accepting the award. I spoke to the Murphy family and presented the idea of establishing a unit in Michael’s name here in his hometown area. They were receptive and supportive of the idea and we were off. Also present was Gary Vertichio, Commander of the West Sayville American Legion, Post 651 who had been present at a meeting of the Long Island Navy League earlier that day, during which I was the guest speaker. The thrust of my presentation was the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (go figure) and my intent of expanding the program to more locations across Long Island. Gary was kind enough to tell me that he was motivated by what he heard and he wanted to work with me to make this possible.

Two days later I spoke with Gary and told him that the Murphy family was supportive of the concept of setting a new NSCC unit in place in Islip or the general area and that we needed a place to operate out of. Within a couple of weeks, Gary suggested we look at the Maritime Museum in Sayville (I didn’t even know such a thing existed). Within another week or so, we had an appointment with Stephen Jones, the Executive Director of the Museum. Gary and I met with Stephen to sell the idea and he was very excited; however, his one reservation was that any such program at the Museum would have to be approved by the County.

In February, I met with Islip Township officials to solicit their support for the formation of the LT Michael Murphy Division.

On March 2, 2012, I sent a formal request to Suffolk County Parks Commissioner Greg Dawson requesting that the NSCC be allowed to drill at the Long Island Maritime Museum. On about 20 Mar 12, I called the Parks Commission to check on the status of my request and was advised that the request was sent forward for legal review. On 1 Apr 12, I received a letter from the Suffolk County Parks Commissioner approving our operation at the Long Island Maritime Museum and pledging their support.

On March 12, I sent a letter to Commander Thomas E. Shultz, Commanding Officer of the USS Michael Murphy requesting that the ship and her crew become the sponsor of the proposed unit. On 22 Mar 12, I received a response from CDR Shultz responded that the MICHAEL MURPHY (DDG 112) would be honored to be a sponsor of the Division.

During this entire process, I have spent a significant amount of time communicating with Gary, who has been heavily engaged in fund raising, recruiting potential staff and developing support within the community and among veteran organizations as well as being a conduit to the Murphy’s. There has been a significant effort in educating Gary with the procedures associated with forming a new unit, actions required of potential staff, enrollment and operating procedures, drafting “how to” guides for the new unit. We have solicited both the New York and Liberty Divisions to ascertain how many cadets (and adult staff) would be interested in transferring to the new unit, and the list goes on…

This pretty much brings us to where we are today. We are pending a meeting with County and museum officials to lay out the: who, what, when and how of our operations that will satisfy all parties. Unfortunately, the many meetings that must be conducted require that I drive up from Virginia so we are in the process of facilitating some of those meetings to coincide with my other requirements on Long Island as to take care of as many things during one trip as possible. The costs of traveling to NY from VA are costly so planning is a challenge and unavoidably delays the process.

The NSCC Requirements for setting up a new unit are basically to have at least four adult leaders, a sponsor, a place to hold drills and funding to support the unit’s initial standup. We have made great strides in accomplishing each of these requirements. The process is now to get the adults enrolled and then to educate them on how to run a unit. We will then enroll several new cadets who are waiting in the wings, we will facilitate the transfer of cadets from the New York and Liberty Divisions; we will then move forward with standing up the unit and officiating the name. I have already coordinated with our National Headquarters to secure the Michael Murphy name to preclude any other (forming) unit stealing it before we can get stood up.

As you can see, we have not been dragging our feet of this, in fact, considering the obstacles we have before us, this has happened very quickly. I am sorry that I cannot give you a date for the formation and operation of this unit but depending on our ability to convene meetings and training, I hope to have the unit up and running within two months. That being said, cadets and their parents should go on as though nothing was happening and let us continue working behind the scenes to set this unit into operations. Right now, each cadet should be 100% concerned with summer training get paperwork into the current unit command and get to training. By the time you return from training, we should have everything done and your new unit will be waiting for you.

At the present time, we have about ten potential cadets waiting for the unit formation; we also have about 15 currently enrolled cadets at New York (LPD-21) Division and about 10 currently enrolled cadets at Liberty (AGTR5) Division who will be transferring as soon as the unit is stood up.

Below is our "TO DO" list that we are diligently working through. While it is impractical to detail all of the phone calls, emails, coordination’s and positioning we have done over the past few months, I hope this gives you some idea of where we have been and where we have to go.

Murphy Div.
Submit enrollment paperwork to HQ - (in Process)
Educate Potential Instructors and Gary (potential CO) - (in Process)
Coordinate w/NLUS for support - (in Process)
Provide update to interested parties - (Ongoing)
Develop list of local assets and “things to do” for training evolutions - (in Process)
Travel to NY for various meetings - (Ongoing)
Travel to NY to provide training
Meet with CDR Shultz – CO of USS Michael Murphy
Potential Instructors/Officers need to complete Officer/Micshipman's Study Guide - (in Process)
Application for Officer Appointment noting recommended rank and billet prepared and submitted
Completed medical information (NSCADM020)
Prepare Request to NHQ for unit formation kit - (in Process)
Prepare Request to NHQ for approval to form new unit - (in Process)

Murphy Div
Prepare detailed enrollment instructions for new Instructors
Prepare letter to USS Murphy
Prepare letter to Suffolk County Parks Commissioner
Meet with Suffolk County and Museum Director
Preliminary notice to NHQ
Meeting with Suffolk Parks and Museum Executive Director (forward planning)
Proposed initial unit budget
Need to have at least one Female Instructor on Staff to support female cadet membership
Coordinate with Islip Supervisor Tom Crochie (recruit for unit Instructor)
Determine Officers from other units who want to transfer
Determine Cadets from other units who want to transfer
Meet with potential Instructors