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Welcome to the parent's support page. We have put this page together to help parents throughout the region.

Some of our units either do not have a web page or they don't have the same information from unit to unit so we are using the region website to distribute a significant amount of reference material and information to help parents. If you have a question you will be able to ask and we will post the answers here.

The first thing all parents should have is the parent's handbook, which contains a great deal of information to assist parents with sons and daughters in the program.

How to Properly Fold The Dress Blue Bell bottom Trousers (Dress blues & Whites)  
How to tie neckerchief  
Proper folding of the Dress Blue Jumper  
Proper folding of the Dress White Jumper  
How and Where to stencil uniforms and personal items  
Uniform items required for all Sea Cadets  
Uniform items required for League Cadets  
Where to purchase equipment. This will show you what kind and how many name tapes and name tags to buy and where to buy them. It also gives some other places to purchase various pieces of equipment.

1MC General Announcement System (USNSCC-1MC) <click here

The USNSCC-1MC provides up-to-date information /announcements immediately disseminated from USNSCC National Headquarters and other resources through receipt of Action Letters, Information Letters, Memorandums, and flash correspondences regarding the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. ALL cadets and parents should enroll in this Yahoo group.

The BMR is required before any cadet can attend training or move up in rank. This is a short information sheet about the BMR, where to find it, how to prepare and where to find the answer sheet.  
SOP 204.01 cost of enrollment and uniform deposits. This is a "standard operating procedure" issued by the regional director and applies to ALL units w/in the region and sets standards for uniform retention, basic enrollment costs and uniform deposit requirement.  
SOP 202.01 - Adult Supervision, established by the regional director that mandates immediate and constant supervision of cadets at all times by a NSCC enrolled adult instructor.  
Memo 2012-01 - Command Philosophy  

Training Site Evaluations

Many parents have asked about the quality of training at various locations so we pulled out a list of evaluations made by cadets. Keep in mind that these evaluations were made in 2011 and 2012 and may not accurately reflect the level of experience now; however, most staff and curriculum remain consistent from year to year. This is only available as an Excel spreadsheet.

Placement of NSCC/NLCC patches on uniforms  




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Long Island Maritime Museum
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