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Commanding Officers are encouraged to submit newsworthy "Good-News Stories"
in a timely fashion to local media.

Commanding officers should appoint a public affairs officer at the unit level. The unit-level PAO should be in contact with the Region PAO.

Depending on the level of experience of the unit PAO, he/she should have the unit webmaster develop a web page dedicated to the PAO. This is very important in recruiting and fund raising efforts. The unit PAO can get assistance from the region PAO with respect to submitting press releases to local media.  A newsworthy event is only newsworthy at the time of or immediately after the event. If the press release is not contemporaneous to the event, it is not newsworthy and one's efforts are for naught.

The best case scenario entails submitting several press releases that your unit will be conducting an operation, providing a color guard or engaging in a community support. 

Send your press release to your media list 4-6 weeks before the event (if at all possible). 

The pre-event press release needs to include the basic who (your unit, the Navy League, a congressman, etc.), when, where and an invitation to come out and see the unit.

Within 2 days of sending the release, follow up with phone calls to your contacts to make sure that it was received (again if possible.  This cements relationships which are crucial). Be sure that whoever follows up can answer questions and make a case for why this event is unique and worth their time/ink/videotape.

Send the press release again 1 week before the event as a reminder.

Create a second press release for release the day of the event, which describes what happened.  Such a follow-up press release usually contains a statement from a principle in the story with PICTURES that are not staged and contains images of the Cadets, not leaders (unless story is all about the leaders).  Remember, NSCC is all about the Cadets, not about us, the adults and that's why we'll get coverage!

In the second release include perhaps a couple of quotes from a dignitary, a CADET or the CO and again, some really good photos. The photos need to be the highest quality possible. Do not set your camera to a low resolution like 72. This works fine for photos posted to your website but it will not work for news articles.

Do not format your article and photos as a news article; submit the article as an unlocked word document and submit the photos as separate jpegs.  Some photos are 3 or 4, not 5, 10 or 15 different photos. Make sure to label the photos as to the event, any names and dates and a brief explanation of what is happening in the photo. When it comes to press release photos, smaller is not better.

An example is on the bottom of your press release include a section that


Photo1.jpg - Cadet Smith receives a letter of commendation from Congressman Owens (5th Congressional District) for assisting in routing traffic away from a fatal accident that occurred Jan 3rd, 2011 in Piedmont.  Photo by Jane Wyman, Star Trek Division, USNSCC"

If you need help submitting your articles to the media, your region PAO can help you.

Each of your press releases should be posted to your website PAO page whether it was published in the local media or not. If your article is posted to a web page or on-line news article by your local media, post a link to that published article on your PAO page with a short description of the event.

So what is newsworthy? Your unit doing a community cleanup project; Cadets graduating recruit training or advanced training; Cadets and staff receiving awards (community service awards, significant individual or unit awards); Cadets joining the NSCC/NLCC.  Cadets doing well in school, honor roll, graduating, etc.

Recruiting, "we are accepting applications for immediate vacancies,"
promotions, participation in parades, etc.

You will find a number of templates on the National Website at "Public Affairs".

Your Region PAO is always available to assist you in getting your PAO program up and running, you only need to ask.




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