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Regional Directors are appointed by the National Chairman to serve for a period of one or more years. They may be reappointed. There will be at least one Regional Director for each NSCC Region.

Regional Directors are accountable for the proper performance of duties and must, prior to appointment; indicate their willingness and commitment to fully support the Cadet programs.

Regional Directors report to the designation NHQ Representative, but when appropriate, have access to the National Chairman via the Executive Director. This establishes the Chain of Command within each Regional Director's region and NHQ Representatives' area.

Regional Directors within a region, serve as a facilitator responsible for coordinating region-wide programs such as training, flagships, inspections, ORI, etc.


Regional Directors are responsible for helping to ensure the success of unit commanding officers through oversight of training and administrative functions of assigned units, and only for those units. They have the authority to direct actions as may be necessary to meet this responsibility keeping the President/Committee Chairman of the sponsoring NLUS Council, or other sponsoring organizations informed. Specific duties/responsibilities of Regional Directors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintain liaison with Navy League Regional/State/Council Presidents, and representatives of other sponsoring organizations within his/her assigned Region, in addition to the Navy Recruiting Command Area and District personnel, and the Coast Guard Navy League Liaison Officer.

  • Monitor unit recruiting, training and provide assistance, or direct corrective action as appropriate, when such training is not satisfactory, recommending Command Probation for commanding officers who fail to develop and maintain effective training programs.

  • Encourage exchange of information, sharing of training resources and other material assets between units.

  • Assist and coordinate in formation of new NSCC/NLCC units, and in the increase of membership in existing units.

  • Request assignment of staff officers, as needed, to assist in meeting administrative/training responsibilities and to assist in conduct of regional inspections, activities and functions. These officers are not Associate Regional Directors.

  • Request assignment of Associate Regional Directors for NLCC matters, Recruiting Activities, and other positions when directed by NHQ.

  • Develop, as practicable, combined unit-training programs and/or competitions to enhance unit training, develop a "regional" concept of organization and cooperation, and fully use available training expertise and resources.

  • Assist NHQ Representatives in identifying and nominating to NHQ, for approval and appointment, individuals to serve as Commanding Officers of assigned units.

  • Keep sponsoring Councils, or other sponsoring organizations, apprised of the "tenure status" of unit Commanding Officers, and the need for positive support of the tenure concept.

  • Assist the NHQ Representative in scheduling and conduct of officer/midshipman/instructor training (OPD) seminar courses.

  • Ensure that assigned units undergo the annual inspection and/or evaluation. Units not inspected will be reported to National Headquarters with a statement as to why they were not inspected.

  • ¬†Establish a "Regional Inspection Team" and ensure that the team is familiar with standardized inspection and grading procedures.

  • Establish regional awards to recognize unit/individual achievement.

  • Recommend the disestablishment of any NSCC/NLCC unit, or transfer of unit sponsorship, when considered in the best interests of the Corps and the Navy League.

  • Encourage formation of parent support groups/auxiliaries by units.

Regional Director Meeting

An annual national meeting of Regional Directors will be held for orientation and training. The purpose of the meeting is to reinforce their understanding of the role, responsibilities and authority of their position; and, to discuss/resolve issues raised in regional operations / administration and submissions from their units.



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